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To help our clients achieve the best outcomes we have developed the X Factor System, which delivers quality, service and innovation that will exceed your expectations and deliver real value. The following components form the X Factor System

The Next Drive workflow management system is the I.T backbone of Next Engineering.

It is a work flow, job management system which allows a customised client specific management experience.

Some benefits of Next Drive to our clients include:

  • App based mobile job reporting and collaboration.
  • Monitors on time due date performance.
  • Automatically creates collaboration portal by job.
  • Automatic escalation process for rapid response.
  • Tracks and records all communications in one central place.
  • Client driven quality and job reporting by location.

Put simply, it provides full transparency of how your job is operating at all times and detailed reporting all aspects of performance. It is the ultimate tool to manage your engineering design contract.

At Next Engineering we know that no two projects are the same. Some projects are more basic and others are complex and so we have developed three distinctly different services which deliver your needs.

All our designs are backed by computations for both slab and frame so you have the confidence in the quality of our design.


Our Bespoke services are designed for top end builders who are producing technically top end homes and require bespoke engineering. This technically engineered service will be harder to build, will incur higher build costs but will be necessary to deliver the quality of product your clients expect.


Our Premium services are for mid range builds who are building large format homes but still tailored for the volume market. Using primarily wood members where possible this design will deliver to your budget without comprising quality.


Our Classic design service fulfills the need of the volume market who are producing off the plan similar type properties and are looking for the most economical and fast service but delivered by the best quality provider in our industry.

Our business culture has an obsession for finding better, newer and more efficient ways to help our clients and exceed your expectations, so we have scoured the globe looking for market leading systems and innovations to enhance your our service and your business.

Next Care – Quality Management System

Do you ever feel like your engineering company only reacts rather then proactively managing your account and makes you feel like you need to be the account manager?

You are not alone. This is a frequent concern that we hear when talking to prospective clients and it is an issue that shouldn’t be there.

Our ISO 9001 compliant, Care Quality System is all about you and ensuring that you can sit back and let us manage your service to the highest standard. Our account managers act as an extension of your team to ensure quality outcomes for you and your employees.

The Care System includes:

  • Proactive account management backed by
  • Our Next Drive Workflow Management System
  • Rapid response guarantee for job queries
  • App based job tracking software
  • Computation backed engineering

“Performance in our industry is not an accident, it is by design”.

Nick Ciavarella – Managing Partner – Next Engineering

Quality engineering design is about having the best and brightest people backed by the most innovative systems.

Next Academy is an online, multimedia, competency tested Learning Management System (LMS), which inducts and certifies all our engineers to a consistently high standard.

Supported by competency based recruitment strategies and our market leading Next Xpress graduate program, this means that our clients will have the best engineers, trained to a consistent standard and that means better outcomes for your business.

Talent today equals the leaders of tomorrow. Welcome to Next Xpress.

Next Xpress is our cutting edge graduate program called which incorporates our knowledge bases LMS training system built on the backbone of Next Academy.

This program means that Next Engineering can provide cost effective talent solutions to design and develop your projects at a lower cost base whilst ensuring that it is certified to the same standard as all projects designed by Next Engineering.

If you would like one of our talented graduates to work on your project to help assist with cost control speak to us and we will advise if this option would suit your project.

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